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Filtration, Performance and Shipping Questions

What does KandyMask help protect against?

Has Kandymask been independently tested?

Does KandyMask protects against COVID-19?

Is KandyMask reusable? How long can it be used?

Does KandyMask have NIOSH Certification?

Who can use KandyMask?

How is a valve mask different from a Non-Valve mask?

Does the filtration cover the entire mask?

Do you use Latex in your mask?

Has KandyMask undergone a Consumer Product Safety Test?

How to find my perfect size?

How to wash My KandyMask?

Do masks with replaceable filters work?

Do cloth masks really work?

How to know whether it is true if masks claims of being 99.9% effective?

When can I expect the shipping of my order?

Are shipping timings guaranteed?

Do you provide free shipping on orders?