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Looking for the best mask for COVID protection, here is all you need to know.

Not all masks are created equal. In fact, they vary quite a bit in their ability to filter out different size particles. This blog will help you understand how different kinds of masks work and what to choose.

Why do I need a mask?

In the emergence of the pandemic, CDC recommended wearing masks when in public because research studies showed that COVID-19 can travel up to 27 feet through the air. . That is much more than the 6 feet distance we were told to maintain. Besides protecting oneself from airborne diseases, respiratory protection is needed for respiratory illness, and air pollution. Several mask types are used by people such as handmade or cloth mask, surgical mask, and N95 masks, but in current times it’s not just about covering the face, it’s important to choose the best mask for covid by understanding what each mask has to offer in terms of protection.

Cloth mask,  Surgical mask, or N95 respirator 

Cloth masks or Handmade masks are made up of multiple layers of cloth. They only prevent people who have an infection themselves from spreading it to people around them. These masks are reusable, washable, and comfortable to wear but aren’t effective against filtering ultrafine aerosolized viruses.

Surgical masks are mainly for preventing respiratory infections, they are supposed to be disposed of after one-time wear as reusing them may lead to the risk of infection in the respiratory system.

N95 Respirators have the efficiency of filtering out 95% of all the particles over a certain size. They provide two-way protection. These masks are preliminary to serve medical purposes, in the current pandemic scenario, there is a scarcity of these medical masks. If you are searching for the best masks for COVID 19 in India online, you will probably see that these masks are reserved only for healthcare and frontline workers but not for use by the general public.

If you already have an N95 mask from pre covid times, you might be considering washing and reusing it, but it comes with a risk as it could damage the filtration efficiency of the respirator.

How can I find the best mask for Covid for myself?

While choosing the best mask for Covid 19, always consider these few things.

  1. How strong is the filtration efficiency of the mask?
  2. How often can I use it?
  3. Is it washable & reusable?
  4. Does the mask give one-way or two-way protection?
  5. How many layers does the mask have?
  6. What material is used in the mask?
  7. Will it be comfortable to wear?
  8. What is the disposing period for the mask?

Given the circumstances due to COVID in India, deciding on the best respiratory protection is an important choice. Make sure to evaluate your choice of the mask on these parameters to get your hands on the best.  Here is the perfect mask for you if you are looking for the best mask for COVID 19 in India or washable face masks online. 

KandyMask - The Best mask for COVID 19 in India Online

Looking at the growing need for reliable respiratory protective gear in India’s coronavirus pandemic,  Vyom Corporation has launched KandyMask in the Indian market because of its scientifically proven filtration efficiency. 

KandyMask is a certified “Antiviral” “Antibacterial” and “Anti Pollution'' mask.  Kandymask with its 4 layers of polypropylene & medical-grade filtration prevents deadly viruses, airborne contaminants, microscopic particles, bacteria, and air pollutants from entering the respiratory system.

Backed by scientific data, Kandymask has been independently tested and certified by Nelson Lab, the USA for its:

  • Viral Filtration Efficiency - 99.8%
  • Bacterial Filtration Efficiency - 99.7% 
  • Particle Filtration Efficiency - 97.14%

The filtration results conform with ASTM F2100 medical mask standards and surpass the filtration efficiency of an N95 mask (which is only 95%). Designed by experts to combat airborne pathogens with ultra-soft microfiber layers, it is leakproof, breathable, and comfortable. Kandymask is the best option if you are looking for a washable face mask online, as it can be hand washed making it perfectly reusable again without damaging its filtration system.

We hope you find this information on various types of masks and their filtration was useful.  If you are looking for the best mask for COVID 19 India online, KandyMask with its  99.8% Viral Filtration Efficiency is the best choice for you.