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Who we are?

Behind KandyMask’s Origin: Story of a Father’s Love for his Son

The KandyMask story started 12 years ago when Iannique Renaud, a former professional hockey player, traveled to China. Abroad his son suffered from a severe respiratory attack due to high-level pollution. He got to know about his son’s severe asthma and that air pollutants have infected his respiratory system. To live a normal life his son has to protect his respiratory system all the time. Iannique researched a lot about filtration technologies and ended up designing a reusable and reliable medical-grade filtration mask. Quickly people all over the world started to use KandyMask for its scientifically proven results. KandyMask has built the most trustworthy and respected respiratory filtration company in Asia and has served most Fortune 500 companies all over the world.

About Vyom Corporation

We are Vyom Corporation, an authorized distributor of KandyMask, and an unlikely team that is disrupting the respiratory protection industry in India. In the pandemic, we recognized the growing need for reliable respiratory protective gear in India. In early 2021, Vyom Corporation decided to introduce KandyMask in the Indian market because of its scientifically proven filtration efficiency and for the value of being environmentally sustainable. Our prime focus has been on enhancing respiratory health and comfort by providing a Reusable solution with High-Quality respiratory Filtering. The expertise of the Vyom Corp. team in the Indian air purification industry is unparalleled and serves our passion to protect people from poor air quality and pandemic crisis.

Vision & Mission

Our vision is a world in which all people can access a trustworthy respiratory protection and live in peace of mind - fulfilled in an environmentally sustainable way. Through our deep understanding of industry and with our scientifically tested products we are committed to protecting people by following the route of innovation with a data driven approach. We aim to spread the happiness of safety.

What makes us different

Scientific Approach.

We deliver outstanding products with unsurpassed standard quality. We provide respiratory protection with filtration results conforming with ASTM F2100 medical mask standards and proven by top laboratories in the world. We believe in scientific and data driven approaches and in presenting reliable results, not marketing jargons!

Years of experience in the Air Purification industry

Our leadership team has combined experience of years in the Indian air purification industry. We have deep rooted knowledge of depleting air quality and environmental conditions of India. In this survival crisis, We understand how much there is a desperate need for a reliable solution for respiratory protection and we are here to deliver it.

Passion for Protecting people

Our immediate focus has always been on protecting the people and giving them a sense of safety that their respiratory health is in good hands. We are passionate about delivering solutions that protects people from air pollution and harmful airborne pathogens in any environment they are. We believe that people deserve life, not diseases.

Customer commitment

We develop relationships that bring positive changes in customer’s lives. We are personally accountable for delivering on our commitments and that together with prime value to our customers.