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KandyMask Benefits


It is no longer debatable that ambient air quality is one of the keys to overall health, and the new pandemic has got everyone worried.

KandyMask uses 99.8% medical grade  reliable filtration efficiency to prevent deadly pathogen, airborne contaminants, microscopic particles, bacteria, and air pollutants from reaching you. It is specifically designed to give you the right protection for your health with a sense of reassuring security in any environment.

No more wondering if your mask actually works! KandyMask is the 'breathing freedom' for you and the people you care about the most.


KandyMasks has a 4 layer microfilter system that not only protects you but the ultra-smooth fabric of soft polypropylene inner layer makes KandyMask extremely comfortable to wear for a long period of time.

The high thread count microfiber allows more airflow, letting you breathe comfortably while remaining protective.  The adjustable seal, soft-knit ear loops, and contoured shape are designed to stay at a place regardless of whatever you are doing.

It is the perfect choice to rely on for Medical-grade protection and comfort like a second skin.


With KandyMask, you get the best of all worlds. Our all-rounder “Antiviral” “Antibacterial” and “Anti-pollution” qualities in one mask not only give you protection but also variety to choose from.

We are aware that everyone comes in different shapes and sizes.  Our protection is for everyone, all KandyMasks are available in 5 different sizes that work for nearly anyone from children to adults.

You can choose masks with valves or without valves, both give you 99.8% filtration efficiency against harmful airborne pathogens, bacteria, dust and pollutants.

Mask models come in different colors and patterns so that complements your fashion and style.