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Wondering how to choose your perfect mask size? We have got you covered :)

When you think of masks, the first thing that comes to mind is protection. The second thing? They're so uncomfortable! and KandyMask has you covered in both departments. KandyMask provides a perfect fit for all face shapes and sizes - no leaks means no worries! 

With five sizes available - Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, we have a mask for everyone. In all our years being in protective mask space, we have found that the height method works the best for finding the perfect size mask. It works for about 95% of people, the rest 5% usually have longer or shorter faces from nose to chin. If you fall in that 5% we would suggest you choose one size up or one size down. It’s important to lay out actual measurements to make a smart choice.

Mask size & measurements for our KandyMask 7.0 Model

  • To find the height of the mask, measure from the bridge of your nose down to the right to the bottom of the chin.
  • To find the width of the mask, measure from your left cheekbone to your right cheekbone. (This measurement is really not necessary unless you have a skinner or a heavier set of facial features). 
  • Ways to Choose Right Mask 

    1. Use a measuring tape & follow the guidelines mentioned above to find your perfect size.
    2. In case you don’t have a measuring tape, use the height guide.
    3. If you get caught between two sizes opt for the larger one as it can give your face better coverage and offer great protection.

    What are some Exceptional cases for mask size?

    1. Being very tall over 6 feet 2 while having a skinny face can make it a bit challenging to choose between a large or an extra-large size. We would suggest you opt for an extra-large size and tighten the earloops as we believe that the height of the mask plays a bigger role than the width of the mask.
    2. Being shorter than 6 feet while having large or heavy facial features. It could make it a bit difficult to choose, we would recommend the larger of the two sizes you consider, as ear loops can always be tightened.

    What if I buy the mask, but it does not fit?

    We understand that in some exceptional cases it can happen, but don’t worry we will make it right for you. We have a 7- day return policy. You have 7-days after receiving your item to request an exchange for an item or refund. We want to give you 100% purchase satisfaction.

    To know more please refer to the refund & return policy.