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Frequently Asked Questions

Filtration and Performance Questions

  • What does KandyMask help protect against?
    • Airborne pathogens
    • Bacteria
    • Air Pollution
    • Germs
    • Smoke
    • Dust
    • Allergens
    • Smog
    • Pollen
    • Has Kandymask been Independently tested?
      • Yes, we believe in scientific validation and transparency with our results. KandyMask has been comprehensively tested by Nelson Labs. Nelson Labs is an FDA accredited facility in Salt Lake City Utah(US), and a world leader in Microbiological and analytical testing.
      Below is the filtration result we achieved.
      • Viral Filtration Efficiency (VFE): 99.80%
      • Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE): 99.76
      • Particle Filtration Efficiency (PFE) (@ 0.07 to 0.3 micron): 97.14%   
    • Does KandyMask Protect against COVID-19?

    • Any type of mask cannot guarantee complete protection against infectious diseases. KandyMask is a high-quality filtration material mask with 99.80% virus filtration efficiency. If worn properly, it can help reduce the airborne contaminants entering your lungs.
      We have taken great care and put our mask through stringent tests to scientifically validate its protection efficiency. Nelson Labs, US have performed pre-qualification testing for N-95 masks. Our filtration results conforms with ASTM F2100 medical mask standards
    • Is KandyMask Reusable? How long can it be used?

    • Yes, KandyMask is reusable. The typical shelf life of KandyMask is from 6-12 months. The duration may vary according to the type of environment you live in and how regularly you use it. Once you notice it is getting harder to breathe through the material, it may be the time to say goodbye to the mask and replace it.

    • Does KandyMask have NIOSH Certification?

    • NIOSH certifies medical-grade respirators only which are made specifically for healthcare workers and are disposable. We aim to continue to be a “medical-grade reusable mask” to be used by the general public, that is why KandyMask does not have NIOSH certification. 
      Our sole purpose to develop Kandymask is to deliver consumer-friendly masks that surpass the Viral, Particle, and Bacterial filtration requirement for ASTM F2100 that NIOSH is based on.
    • Where does KandyMask Stand, when compared against other masks?


    • Who can use KandyMask?
      • Anyone from kids to adults can use the mask. 
      • People looking for protection against viral spread.
      • Anyone suffering from Asthma and Allergies.
      • Travelers going to polluted cities. 
      • People concerned about bacterial infections.
      • People working in woods, farms, dust, and in presence of air contaminants
      • Anyone living in a place where the haze of fires is at its peak.
      • Outdoor Enthusiast: Sportsman, Climbers, joggers, cyclists, etc. 

    • How is a valve mask different from a Non-Valve mask?

    • Mask with Valves
      Exhalation valves reduce the heat and hot air created by your breath inside the mask, making it more breathable and comfortable.
      When you inhale the valve closes and lets you breathe through filtration material protecting your respiratory system. While you exhale the valve opens to let the air escape.
      It is one-way protection. Mostly used by people living in high-pollution cities, working in spaces with dust, smoke, smog, and high air contaminants to protect their own lungs.
      Usually, people who wear glasses prefer masks with valves as it prevents fogging. People with a pre-existing respiratory illness like Asthama also opt for these masks.
      Masks with No Valves
      These masks are meant to give Two-way protection. It protects your own respiratory system as well as protects others from your droplets. It does not provide moisture and heat release. Our KandyMask with no valves is specifically designed and developed for the pandemic.
    • Does the filtration cover the entire mask?

    • Yes, the filtration material covers the entire area of KandyMask. It is sewn completely into the right up to all the edges.
      We do not believe in replaceable filters as they create gaps in masks which creates possibilities of leaks and create space for air contaminants to enter the mask.
      Don’t worry! It is assured that every part of the mask you see has filtration material embedded in it.
    • Do you use Latex in your mask?

    • No, KandyMask does not have any Latex.

    • Has KandyMask undergone a Consumer Product Safety Test?

    • Yes, KandyMask has passed extensive safety testing by underwriter laboratories. Our mask meets all the consumer safety requirements for the Federal Trade Commission (US).

      Sizing and Caring of My Kandymask

    • How to find my perfect size?

    • KandyMask comes in five different sizes - Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large - so no matter what your size is or what shape your face is, we've got you covered. We go by a person’s height to choose the right size of the mask. To find your perfect fit refer to the KandyMask Size Guide for more information

    • How to wash My KandyMask?

    • We recommend Hand washing your KandyMask with warm water and soap. Do not wash it using bleach. Do not wash it in a washing machine, or machine dry the mask. Simply Hang it up to dry. Please find the article and explanatory video below on how to wash your KandyMask.

      KandyMask Wash & Care Guide

      Identify what works, Bust the misleading claims and scam.

    • Do masks with replaceable filters work?

    • We don’t believe a mask with replaceable filters is a good choice. Protective respiratory gear is supposed to have the filtration embedded on the entire mask, not just a small filter on the name of it. Many companies are inserting a cheap quality PM 2.5 replaceable filter on the cotton mask without any data to back up their filtration. This is a huge problem as it is misleading and tricking people into believing that their respiratory protection is in safe hands. 

    • Do cloth masks really work?

    • In the Pandemic,  many companies have followed the step towards cloth masks but unfortunately, cloth masks don’t really work when it comes to protecting your respiratory health. 
      Here are the most common styles of cloth masks, that we are seeing that don’t offer reliable protection:
      1. Cloth Masks with multiple-layer protection
      2. Cloth Mask with PM 2.5 Filter 
      3. Cloth Mask with Carbon Filter

      These types of masks do not protect you from airborne pathogens but only prevent your droplets from reaching others.

      Only if the cloth mask company independently gets the masks tested for its performance efficiency. Not on the filter material but on the entire mask’s filtration efficiency can be counted as an exception.

    • How to know whether it is true if masks claims of being 99.9% effective?

    • It’s easy to determine if the claim is true or not. Every claim should be backed by scientifically proven and reliable data. 
      You can ask for the testing reports but make sure the reports represent the filtration efficiency of the entire mask, not the filter they are using. The mask’s name should be on the test report not photoshopped out. 

        Ordering Questions

      • When can I expect the shipping of my order?

      • Typically, once the order is placed it is shipped in the next business day.
        Delivery times may vary depending on your location. Its may take 2-3 days to deliver the masks in metro cities anywhere in India but it may take a day or two longer to deliver in interiors and remote locations.
      • Are shipping timings guaranteed?

      • Unfortunately, due to the recent global situation and frequent lockdowns no shipping company is offering guaranteed delivery at this time. We can only give you a general indicator before you check out. 

      • Do you provide free shipping on orders?

      • We offer free standard shipping for every KandyMask purchase.